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How to Green Your Move in Seven Easy Steps

Kermit the Frog famously complains that “it’s not easy being green,” which leads us to believe that he’s probably no stranger to moving. Most people – even those who dedicate their lives living in an environmentally sustainable way – sort of give themselves a pass when it comes to moving. Who can blame them? When…

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How Moving Can Affect Your Taxes

April 15th is tax day and if you’re like a lot of Americans, maximizing your deductions is at the top of your mind? If moved during 2012, your tax bill might be a bit smaller. If you moved for a job (or if you are moving for a job) you might qualify for “above the…

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How To Make Your New Neighborhood Friendlier

Before a move, a person has typically seen their new home (sight unseen does happen – I’ve done it – I don’t recommend it). They’ve most likely explored their new neighborhood, the schools and even the grocery stores. But how many people meet their neighbors before deciding on a new home? In these days when…

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