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How To Deal With A Bad Move

It’s probably weird to see a moving company acknowledging the prospect of a bad move, but unfortunately, they happen. Despite the fact that we are the number one rated mover in Silicon Valley, we sometimes screw up. In fact one of the reasons we are rated so highly is that when we do screw up,…

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How To Get A (Mostly) Accurate Estimate Online Or On The Phone

  Getting an accurate moving estimate can be tricky. Most of the time, it’s recommended that you get an in-person estimate, which should be a free service offered by any moving company. However, there are times when that might not be possible. Maybe you can’t arrange a time to meet with an estimator or maybe…

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Decorating Trends For 2014

It’s still only January, but spring is right around the corner. Soon, Mother Nature will freshen up, lighten up and brighten up. Why not do the same with your indoor surroundings? Here are a few ideas to give your home some up to date touches. Walls are getting lighter. Look for “blushes” of color, like…

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Where Are People Moving? 2013 Addition

More than perhaps any other industry, trends in moving paint pictures of the nation as a whole. It can tell us which areas are economically vibrant and which ones are suffering. Every year, United Van Lines puts out a list of where people are moving to and from. How does their list compare to Ninja…

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