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Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, Ninja Movers will be the mover you’ll call on again and again. We will make sure of it.


Asher Vinberg, the owner of Ninja Movers, began his career in 1998 as a mover. Within months, he led his own crew. Soon, he was promoted to storage manager and more.

Even with his successes, something was absent. He missed the one on one interactions he used to have with customers and he wanted to use his knowledge to start something of his own. That’s when Ninja Movers was born.

Quality In Motion

Asher Vinberg named the company “Ninja Movers” after a ninja’s flawless precision. He committed himself to make Ninja Movers the nation’s faster, cleaner, sharper mover. Your move will be seamless, as if you were moved by a ninja.

He passed his extensive training and logistical knowledge on to his staff and moving crews, but he insists on staying involved in every single move. He is available to customers even when the move is over.