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One of the most common misconceptions about the moving industry is that when you hire a mover, their services are automatically insured. On a very basic level, that’s true, but as with buying a home or even renting a car, insurance costs extra — and for very understandable reasons.

Moving companies make terrible insurance companies. Most movers don’t know the difference between an antique Tiffany vase and a reproduction. We care for your furniture like it’s valuable, but we can’t place an actual value on it — and there’s no way we can know what’s inside a box you’ve packed.

By law, moving companies have to offer you no-cost minimum liability protection (or valuation protection). In California, that means that your entire shipment is covered at a rate of $.60 per pound per article. In other words, if a 50 pound TV is broken, you would receive just $30.00 in compensation. Obviously, that is less than sufficient for most people.

One option is to check with your own home-owners or renters insurance company. Some offer riders for moves, but that’s somewhat unlikely. You can purchase insurance from a third party, and we recommend Baker International. They have several affordable options available with variable deductibles and levels of coverage. Best of all, you can itemize your antique Tiffany vase and even a wall full of Picassos.

Baker International is underwritten by AM Best A++ Superior Insurance Companies. They also cover, at no additional cost, up to 90 days of storage, which is very handy if your new home won’t be ready before you have to move out of your old one.

If you have questions whether you should purchase additional insurance or if no-cost valuation coverage is enough, contact Ninja Movers at 888-646-5237.

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