Moving Tips

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Before receiving your estimates, you should take a personal inventory of your possessions. How much time do you have to prepare for the move? How much time do you want to spend preparing for the move? Ninja Movers can help, no matter your situation. If you decide that you would like to pack yourself, Ninja Movers can deliver the boxes to you. We can even show you how to pack like a professional – at no additional charge. It’s recommended that you begin planning your move between 30 and 60 days prior to the anticipated date. Here is an excellent moving checklist. You should begin packing at least two weeks prior to the move. As a general rule of thumb, a single person will have between 30-40 boxes. For each additional person in the household, you can typically add between 10-20 boxes. All items that aren’t furniture should be boxed. That includes pictures on the walls, electronics and even mattresses. Drawers should be emptied. If you decide to pack, you can purchase the boxes from us. We will deliver them for free. Here are a few tips for packing everything in your home: Dish Box – $15.00 (About eight place settings of everyday dishes or four of fine china)
  • This box is double corrugated and should be used for all breakables and for table lamps
  • Begin with a layer of clean, rolled up paper
  • Wrap each piece individually
  • Stack in layers with a layer of rolled up paper in between each layer
  • Inexpensive plates and cups can be nested together in stacks of three – wrap them together
  • Put an extra layer of paper on the top
  • Before sealing the box, gently shake to make sure there’s no movement. If there is, add more paper
Book Box – $6.00 (Approximately one shelf of books per box)
  • A very useful box for books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and Record Albums
  • Can be used to pack small electronics and small appliances – Make sure you secure the laser on DVD and Blu-Ray players and back up all computers.
  • Pack small lampshades
Medium Box – $7.00 (Approximately one drawer of clothing per box)
  • Empty all drawers
  • Use for linens
  • Perfect for lightweight items
  • Use for larger lampshades
Large Box – $8.00
  • For lightweight, bulky linens, such as comforters
  • For extra large lampshades
  • For computers
Wardrobe Box – $16.00 (Will hold approximately 24″ of closet space)
  • Hang clothing over wardrobe bar
  • Put shoes on the bottom of wardrobe boxes
Mirror/Picture box – $15.00 (small) – $20.00 (large)
  • Roll up paper on the bottom of the box
  • Wrap each picture individually
  • For inexpensive pictures with thin frames, stack as many as three together
  • For more valuable paintings and prints, just one per box
  • Fill any empty space with paper
Lamp Box – $15.00
  • Remove the lampshade, bulb and harp
  • Bundle and tie cord
  • Wrap base with paper
  • Line bottom of box with packing paper
  • Set upright lamp in box
  • Wrap harp in packing paper and put in box
  • Stuff shade with packing paper and put in box
Plastic Wrap for Mattress -$20.00 Paper Bundle – $10.00 All valuables, including jewelry and important papers, should be taken with you. Movers are not allowed to move liquids, flammables, explosives or corrosives. Plants should not be moved out of state. You must make other arrangements for pets. It’s recommended that you arrange for outside care for both pets and small children on moving day.