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Alameda, California, while immersed right in the middle of the East Bay, is literally its own island. Located next to Oakland and just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Alameda is a peaceful city with charming architecture and a life of its own.

Once part of Oakland, Alameda was founded in 1853. It’s a small city, with a population of under 75,000. Alameda is also ethnically diverse, with only about half the people reporting as Caucasian on the latest census.

Alameda is unique in the Bay Area, as it’s only accessible by bridges – all from Oakland. It’s not accessible by BART but Alameda does have buses and ferry access. BART is available in Oakland.

Unlike much of the Bay Area, Alameda is flat and it’s completely surrounded by the bay. Its architecture includes a large collection of Victorian homes and Craftsmans. Alameda has a large selection of stores and restaurants, and many homes are located in very walkable areas.

Alameda is also the training home to the Oakland Raiders, who play just a few miles south. It’s also close to the Oakland Airport. It’s home to Telecare Corp and Wind River Systems. It was previously home to a large naval base.

Despite its proximity to Oakland, the crime rate in Alameda is particularly low. Its drawbridges allow police to literally shut down the city when there is a crime in progress or a criminal on the loose. The schools in Alameda are ranked quite high.

Alameda’s climate is particularly mild. In July, you can expect highs in the low 70s and in January, lows in the mid 40s. Rain, as with most of the Bay Area, is typically limited to the winter and totals are far less than the national average.

Alameda’s family comfortable lifestyle means that home prices are a bit higher than much of the East Bay. The median home price is about $800,000 and the median rent is almost $4,000.

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