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Close to the San Francisco Airport, to Silicon Valley, to the City of San Francisco and right on the San Francisco Bay, Burlingame is one of the most desirable cities for busy and active professionals in the Bay Area.

Incorporated in 1908, Burlingame has a long history of exclusivity and beauty. It was part of the 1845 Mexican land grant and was eventually sold to San Francisco merchant, William Davis Merry Howard. Howard lived on his ranch in Burlingame for the end of his life, where he planted eucalyptus trees.

After Howard’s death in 1856, the land was sold to the founder of the Bank of California, William C. Ralston. Ralston’s dream was to develop the city into wealthy estates.

Anson Burlingame was a visitor of Ralston’s. He was also President Lincoln’s Minister to China. After hearing of Ralston’s plans, Burlingame agreed to buy 1,00 acres and name the city after himself.

Ironically, neither Ralston nor Burlingame lived to develop the city. It was Ralston’s business partner, William Sharon and his son-in-law, Francis G. Newlands, who built the Burlingame Country Club (which still stands). They also built a railroad station.

Currently, Burlingame has about 18,000 trees, earning it the nickname of ‘The City of Trees.’ In 1908 lawmakers passed an ordinance making it illegal to cut, injure or destroy the trees. Even the city’s residential trees are often owned by the city.

While the weather in the Bay Area is typically mild, it’s even more so in Burlingame, which is shielded from the wind and the fog that San Francisco is so famous for.

With an average household income of almost $120,000, Burlingame is one of the Bay Area’s wealthier suburbs. Burlingame is somewhat less racially diverse than much of the Bay Area, but it’s a relatively liberal city. 72 percent of the city’s voters are registered Democrats.

The majority of Burlingame’s residents are married and most of those have children. Ninja Movers caters to Burlingame’s successful, family oriented residents with a wide variety of specialized services. Call us at (888) 646-5237 for a free, in-person consultation.