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Just south of San Francisco, and near Silicon Valley, and just minutes to San Francisco Airport, Daly City is just a hop skip and a jump from nearly any kind of job. It’s also right on the Pacific Ocean and extends to the San Francisco Bay to its east. It’s a geographically small city, with just 7.7 square miles of land. Despite that, with a population of over 100,000 people, it’s the largest city in San Mateo County.

Daly City is mostly a bedroom community, but it’s also home to the Cow Palace, which is one of San Francisco’s convention centers.

While Daly City has many of the geographic advantages and is quite close to San Francisco, it’s real estate is a comparative bargain. The median home sales price is just over $700,000, while the median rent is about $3,600 a month. That’s not inexpensive by the rest of the country’s standards, but when compared to $1.2 million for a median priced home in San Francisco, and $4,500 a month for average rent, it’s quite affordable.

As you might imagine, Daly City has an expanse of recreational opportunities. They have over 2,000 acres of parkland, all with views of either the bay or the ocean or both.

Daly City is unique for its diversity. Its population is more than half Asian. White people make up less than a quarter of the population. Most of the population was born in another country.

The climate in Daly City is very similar to San Francisco. It only rains about 64 days out of the year. In July, the average high temperature is 71 degrees. In January, the average low is 42 degrees. It can get chilly in the evenings, so carrying a jacket is generally a good idea.

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