Finding a home in Washington State

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While California becomes more crowded and more expensive, people who love the Pacific coast are finding a home in Washington State.

Washington, whose best-known city is Seattle, is known for being green and culturally very liberal, but that’s only part of the picture. Most people think of Washington as much smaller than California and it is, but it’s also the 13th most populous state, with more than half the population residing in the Seattle area.

While Washington is famous for its seemingly endless rain, it tends to be seasonal, with wet winters and dry summers. The eastern part of the state is much, much dryer.  To the west, Washington residents experience the ocean and the famous Puget Sound. The West Coast of Washington is also known for some of the best salmon and other fish in the country.

To the east, residents can enjoy skiing, hiking and other mountainous activities in the beautiful Cascades. The Cascades were built from volcanic activity and there are still several volcanoes, including Mount St. Helens, which erupted in 1980. Mt. Rainier is close to the population center of Washington and is considered its most dangerous volcano.

Seattle is known for its greenery. Its nickname is the Emerald City. It’s also known for its art, its culture and its active people. In Seattle, temperatures are very moderate – rarely freezing and rarely getting above 80 degrees. The eastern part of the state is very different, though. It borders Idaho and its mountainous terrain can give residents harsh weather. As with California and Oregon, earthquakes are a reality of life in Washington.

Washington is not particularly known for its ethnic diversity. Less than 4 percent of the population is African-American and the Latino population is also very small, with about 9 percent of the population originating from Mexico and just a fraction from other Latino countries.

Washington’s main industries include lumber, commercial fishing and manufacturing. The eastern part of the state has fertile lands, meaning that it’s known as an agricultural state. Like its neighbor Idaho, Washington is known for potatoes. It ranks second, next to California, in wine production. It’s also known as a hub of the tech industry. Seattle is home to Microsoft and in Washington, there are more broadband providers than in any other state.

Sports fans will find themselves right at home in Washington. Their major league teams include the Seattle Seahawks for football and the Mariners for baseball. There are numerous local teams.

The cost of living is as varied as the state. Seattle is expensive, but it’s still cheaper than the Bay Area and considerably cheaper than San Francisco. You can find true bargains in the eastern part of the state.

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