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Fremont, California is relatively new, as cities go, to the California scene. Its founding was just over half a century ago, in 1956, at a time when California was hitting its stride as a cultural trendsetter.

Fewer than 60 years later, Fremont has grown to become the fourth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, with about 220,000 people. Fremont’s popularity can be at least partially attributed to the fact that it’s centrally located near both Silicon Valley and San Francisco, which makes it the perfect commuter city.

Fremont is not just a suburb, however. It’s home to a significant amount of industry on its own. The city is home to the electric car innovator, Tesla, Lam Research Corporation, Western Digital and Seagate Magnetics.

Culturally, Fremont is far from just another suburb. At the city’s founding, five towns were incorporated into one. Now, those five towns have turned into districts: the Centerville District, which is known for its Afghani community; the Niles District, which was home to silent film studios and is now home to a large Sikh community; the Irvington District, which was founded by a freed slave after the US Civil War; The Mission San Jose District, which has the larges Asian American population in Fremont; the Warm Springs District; the Central District; North Fremont; South Fremont; the Bayside Industrial District; the Baylands District and the Hill Area District.

Economically, Fremont is a thriving city. Its median household income is significantly higher than the national average and its poverty rate is significantly lower.

Ninja Movers began in Fremont and continues to have a significant presence in the city. The city’s highly educated, culturally diverse population is Ninja Movers’ customer base. For Fremont’s busy professionals, time is often the most valuable commodity. Ninja Movers varieties of services will save both time and headaches. For a free quote, call, (888) 646-5237.