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Livermore, California is one of the largest cities in Alameda County, well, east of Oakland, that is. Just shy of 90,000 people, the bedroom community is lively and vibrant all on its own.

While Livermore is a mostly suburban city, the town still holds on to its agricultural roots. Most of the crops grown now are grapes. In fact, Livermore has some of the East Bay’s best wineries.

Another relic of Livermore’s past is its rodeo, which is called the “World’s Fastest Rodeo” because it allegedly has more riders per hour than any other. They also claim the world’s largest still burning light bulb. The Centennial Light, which is in the Livermore – Pleasanton Fire Department’s main station, has been burning for more than 110 years.

Livermore is a bit more conservative and often a bit more blue-collar than some of the surrounding area, although there has been plenty of multi-million dollar new construction over the last several years.

Livermore, like most of the surrounding area, has a median home price just north of $700,000. Most people work either in San Francisco, Oakland or in Silicon Valley. Livermore isn’t currently accessible by the BART, but a new BART station is in the planning stages.

While Livermore is still economically diverse, it’s becoming increasingly posh and high end in many ways. Ninja Movers can help anyone with their moving needs, whether watching their purse strings or looking for a full-service, nuts and bolts move. Call us at 888-646-5237 for a free, no obligation estimate.