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Just south of Fremont, California, Milplitas is the gateway to Silicon Valley. This is nothing new for Milpitas. In the late 18th century, Milpitas was the crossroads between Mission San Jose de Guadalupe in what is now Fremont and Mission Santa Clara de Asis, in Santa Clara.

Like much of the area, Milpitas grew as a farming town in the mid 19th century, but throughout much of its history, its location made a popular rest stop between Oakland and San Jose. It was like a town out of an old Western, with a hotel and saloon. One remnant of the old days still stands – Smith’s Corner, which is now a restaurant.

In the mid 20th century, Milpitas became much more than a rest stop with the addition of a Ford assembly plant. Neighboring San Jose tried to annex Milpitas, but the residents balked at the idea, preferring instead to remain independent. They even compared themselves to the Revolutionary War Minutemen who fought the British.

Not surprisingly, the Ford plant brought an influx of people to Milpitas. In 40 years, the population grew from about 800 people to over 62,000. In 1961, Milpitas elected California’s first black mayor. Today, the population is around 67,000/

The Ford plant closed in 1984 and The Great Mall of the Bay Area took its place in 1994. Today, several tech companies call Milpitas home, including Flextronics, Cisco and SanDisk.

Milpitas’ convenient commuting distance to San Francisco, Silicon Valley and much of the East Bay makes it a perfect family home. Nearly 70% of Milpitas’ population lives with a partner and 45% have children. If you’re a single woman, Milpitas might be a place to consider. There are about 105 men for every 100 women.

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