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If you didn’t know better, you might think Piedmont was simply part of Oakland. It’s not. It’s a small city of around 10,000 people, completely surrounded by Oakland, but with a very different feel.

Piedmont is named after the Piedmont region in Italy. It means “foothill.” One would think Piedmont would be part of Oakland, but in the early 20th Century, residents voted to incorporate and keep 1.7 mile stretch of land its own individual city. It also earned an early reputation as a “City of Millionaires,” which in the 1920s, meant people were very wealthy. Many of the mansions built by the millionaires are still standing today.

Piedmont is mostly residential, but Oakland’s Piedmont district businesses are within an easy walk for most residents.

Piedmont has been home to many notable historic and current figures. Jack London lived in a house that was unincorporated at the time, but still stands in Piedmont today. Clint Eastwood came from Piedmont, as did two finance giants: Charles R. Schwab and Dean Witter.

The climate in Piedmont is like Oakland. Highs in July are generally in the low 70s and lows in January are in the mid 40s. Rainfall is moderate, with only about 23 inches a year, and typically only during the winter.

Piedmont’s real estate is significantly pricier than neighboring Oakland. The median home price is over $2 million and the median rent is close to $8,000 a month.

Not just anyone lives in Piedmont. It’s a special city with a special kind of residents. People in Piedmont just want to get things done, and Ninja Movers knows that. We offer full service, soup to nuts moves for surprisingly low and guaranteed prices. If you need help with any aspect of your move, and we mean any aspect, we can help. Call us at 888-646-5237.