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In the heart of Silicon Valley, San Mateo, California has become a bustling city on its very own, as well as a great place to live for people working in San Francisco or San Jose. Located less than a half hour from both cities, San Mateo is popular with commuters.

People who live in San Mateo enjoy a number of activities, including some of the best shopping in the Bay Area. It’s especially well known for Japanese restaurants and shops. They have a large park, called Central Park, which has tennis courts, a playground, picnic areas, a baseball field, a recreation center, a Japanese tea garden and even a miniature train. San Mateo also has a large shopping mall, with more than 100 stores.

For outdoor enthusiasts, San Mateo doesn’t disappoint. The favorite of many is Coyote Point Park, which is a peninsula jutting into the San Francisco Bay. There are hiking trails and miles of places to bicycle.

Not surprisingly, San Mateo is thriving under the tech bubble, but also for finance. It’s home to Franklin Templeton Investments, Fisher Investments, Roblox, Coupa, Solstice, PlayStation, Marketo, GoPro and NetSuite. Still, the largest employers are the medical center and the schools.

San Mateo’s climate is similar to much of the surrounding area, with highs in the summer averaging in the 80s and lows in the winter, the 40s. Only about 20 inches of rain fall in an average year.

Not surprisingly, with Silicon Valley businesses come Silicon Valley housing prices. The median sales price is over $1 million for a home and median rentals run about $4,200 a month.

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