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When many people think of California’s East Bay, they think of Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek is east of Oakland and San Francisco, but it’s still easily accessible by BART, meaning it’s an ideal location for commuters who wish to come home to calm and quiet.

At fewer than 70,000 people, Walnut Creek isn’t a giant city, but it’s a powerhouse when it comes to recreation. Walnut Creek’s downtown area brags of some of the best shopping in the area and for those who appreciate the outdoors, Walnut Creek has more open space per capita than any city in California. They also have bike trails and weather that can’t be beat.

In the summer, Walnut Creek does get a little warm, at least by Bay Area standards. Summer months top out in the high 80s, on average and winter months, in the 50s. On average, Walnut Creek only gets about 53 days of rain a year.

Walnut Creek is consistently rated one of the most desirable family-oriented cities, and in 2012, it was listed as one of the top 10 places to retire.

Like most of the Bay Area, Walnut Creek is pricey. The median home price is pushing $800,000. Renters can expect to pay north of $3,000 a month. That doesn’t mean everyone in Walnut Creek is wealthy, though. Many live and work right in town and many have lived there for decades.

Like Walnut Creek, Ninja Movers is also a powerhouse. We move people in and out of Walnut Creek on almost a daily basis. We help people with full-service moves as well as helping people on a budget. As always, our estimates are free and our costs are guaranteed. Call us at 888-646-5237 for help with your move.