Is The Tenderloin Really The Worst Neighborhood In San Francisco? (VIDEO)

800px-Tenderloin_Street_Chess,_SF,_CA,_jjron_26.03.2012The Tenderloin, about 50 square blocks near one of San Francisco’s most posh neighborhoods, Nob Hill, is often considered the worst the city has to offer.

While the Tenderloin is probably not the best neighborhood to raise a child – the neighborhood is riddled with drug addicts and the people who serve them, prostitutes, gangs, guns and many homeless people. However, if you are young and adventurous, the Tenderloin offers a vibrant lifestyle and about the closest you might find to affordable in the city of San Francisco.

This video, by Benjamin Jenks, lovingly shows you the real Tenderloin, both the good and the bad.

While it’s still possible to find living accommodations in the Tenderloin for around $1,000 – $2,000 a month (although you are still looking at a minimum of about $500,000 to buy), the neighborhood might still be too raw for some people. If you want a compromise between the vibrancy of the Tenderloin and the staidness of Nob Hill, you might check out the TenderNob – located right where the two neighborhoods meet. Realtors might just call the neighborhood, “downtown.”

The Tendernob is hipper than Nob Hill and safer than the Tenderloin.

For a longer and more comprehensive look at the Tenderloin, watch this video by Matt Granger (some offensive language).