San Francisco Second Best City For Women In Business


Everyone knows that, thanks in large part to the high-tech industries, the Bay Area has a bustling economy. As it turns out, that might be especially true for women. In an analysis from NerdWallet, San Francisco has been rated #2 city for entrepreneurial women.

The study, which measured:

  1. Business-friendliness: We looked at the number of businesses per 100 residents to assess a city’s entrepreneurial climate.
  2. Presence of female entrepreneurs: We took a look at the percentage of businesses that are owned by women to measure how friendly each location is to female entrepreneurs.
  3. Earnings of female workers: To assess the earning potential women have in each city, we used the median earnings for full-time female workers.
  4. Education level: Studies have shown that education correlates with entrepreneurship. To measure the presence of educated workers, we looked at the percentage of residents 25 years and older with a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  5. Economic state: In order to assess whether a city has an economy suitable for entrepreneurial success, we examined unemployment rate.

Washington, D.C. was ranked #1 because of the sheer number of women entrepreneurs. San Francisco has the highest median income for full-time women and the most women-run businesses. Seattle is #3 for being one of the most educated cities. Minneapolis for its low unemployment rate and high number of women-run buildings. #5 is Portland, Ore., for its education rate and number of businesses.

The top ten is rounded out with Atlanta, Denver, Austin, San Jose and Boston.

Just one more reason that we see more people moving into the Bay Area than we see moving out.

Study from: NerdWallet