The Real Estate Market Is Leveling Out — What Does That Mean For Your Move?

After years of skyrocketing real estate prices, the market is beginning to level off. For many, it could be easier to find a new home. But what does that mean for your move?

Moving follows the real estate market fairly closely, as you might imagine. If the market is hopping, people are moving. That makes an already busy summer even crazier, and harder to book a move.

You’d think that means that moving would get easier, or at least easier to arrange, with a slower real estate market, but that’s not always the case.

This Might be a Slower Summer, But…

Even slow summers are booming in the moving industry. Sometimes it gets even crazier as people are downsizing from their expensive digs and upsizing because they can finally afford it. Also, there’s a rash of people moving out of California in search of cheaper destinations.

Less Business Doesn’t Always Mean More Availability

Supply and demand is about the first thing you’re taught in business school, and the moving industry is no exception. When the demand isn’t there, movers tend to seek more fruitful pastures. A moving company is limited to the number crews it can send out at any given time. That means that even during slower times, you might find that your favorite mover is all booked up. It’s always best to reserve your move as soon as possible. Once your mover gets you on the books, they’ll probably be more willing to make it work, even if you have to make a change.

There is Good News

If you are moving in the middle of the month, especially in the middle of the day, there’s a good chance you can negotiate at least a few dollars off your move, or perhaps some free moving supplies. Of course, if a company is booked, they’ll be less flexible. Still, it never hurts to ask.