Here Are Some Questions You’re Probably Afraid To Ask

Featured image CC BY-ND 2.0 by mark O’Rourke via Flickr

Do the Movers Judge Me?

Our movers are human, but trust me when I say they’ve seen it all. They are far more likely to judge someone based on how they interact with the movers than based on how they live or look.

Do the Movers Ever Use Customers’ Bathrooms?

Again, our movers are human, and they should be staying well-hydrated, so it’s definitely appreciated if you offer your facilities. That being said, it’s their responsibility to leave it like they found it, or at least as close as possible.

I Own Some Embarrassing Stuff; Should I Pack Those Myself?

Again, our movers have seen everything. They’ve moved everyone from the rich and famous to adult film workers (perhaps also rich and famous), from the social elite to us less elite people. Let’s just say that everyone has that one drawer, or even more.

Do I Need to Clean the House First?

Usually, when people are in the midst of moving, cleaning tends to take a back seat. As long as your home is sanitary, and there’s room for movers to work, you should be fine. Please note, though, that you might be taking some dust and animal hairs with you.

Do I Have to Feed the Movers?

No, you don’t have to feed the movers, but if you feel like ordering a pizza or some sandwiches, it’s definitely appreciated. The movers will, like any workers, have to take a lunch break, but you will not have to pay during that time.

Do You Ever Hire Women?

Yes, all the time. If you know of a woman who likes to work hard, send her our way.

What if I Smell Something On Movers’ Breath?

If you smell something suspicious, or if the movers act suspiciously, let us know immediately.

Do I Need to Tip?

Tips are always appreciated, but not required, and if you ever feel pressured, please let us know right away.