Why People Move

Featured image via Wikimedia

When you began shopping for a moving company, it might have surprised you to learn that there were hundreds, even in your immediate area. There’s a good reason for that. People move…all the time. In any given year, about 40 million people move. That’s a whopping 14 percent of the population. Those of us in urban areas are even more likely to move. Why they move varies, but there are common reasons.

The most common reason for moving is to change physical surroundings. About 48 percent of people who move, buy instead of rent, move to bigger homes, cheaper homes, or different neighborhoods. About 30 percent move for family, which might mean marriage, divorce, having a child, or choosing to be closer to family. About 19 percent move for jobs, and the remaining 2 percent move for “other” reasons. Most people move within the same county. Sometimes, though, people move simply to be a bit closer to their job, so those moves are still local.

For the people moving for a job, most make over $50k a year, simply because it’s rarely worth it to move for less. Most people moving for a job move out of their county, which is not at all surprising.

Married people are more likely to move for housing changes, and while a lot of people say weather was a consideration for their move, very few cited that as their first reason.

You might be surprised to know that how far you live from home might depend on your generation. Baby Boomers are most likely to move away from their home towns, and stay away. Gen Xers are likely to have moved away, but might consider moving back one day. Millennials are the least likely to have left all.

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