Everything You Need To Make Moving Day (Almost) Fun

Featured image via Pixabay

We know, you’ve been dreading your moving day for a while, but it doesn’t have to be complete drudgery. Here are some ways to make your moving day much more enjoyable, if not fun.

Create a Great Playlist

Everything is better with music. Create a playlist that will keep you energized and happy during a long moving day. Use a good variety of music. Classical, jazz, and smooth music is great for packing. Heavy metal is great for (you got it) heavy lifting. Personally, I like 80s beats. Whatever keeps you motivated. Don’t forget to dance as if no one is looking, and if you catch one of your movers dancing, send us a video.

Take Pictures

Take lots of pictures, and upload them to your movers’ social media pages, including on their Yelp review.


You know you need lots of water for you and your movers, but why not make the refreshments fun? Take an ice cream bar break. Order footlong sandwiches. Give yourself permission to “cheat” on your diet, because you’ll be burning calories.

Get to Know Your Movers

Everything is more fun when you do it with friends. Get to know your movers. You can chat it up, to a point, and make the day go a lot faster.

Make a Box Fort for the Kids

Remember box forts when we were kids? Your kids might love their electronics, but a good old fashioned box fort is fun for all. Wardrobe boxes are the perfect choice.

Order the White Glove Service

Moving is a lot less stressful if you have someone else do it. Let the movers pack and unpack for you. Enjoy the day.

Order a Massage

After the move, you probably don’t want to leave the house, but order an in-home massage. You’ll be so busy looking forward to that massage, that you’ll forget all the moving drudgery.