There Are Some Things You Definitely Want A Professional To Move

Featured image via Pixabayh

It’s not great for our business, but we’re the first to admit that moving yourself is a lot better than many alternatives, especially if you are moving locally, and you’re on a very tight budget. There are some things, though, that are very difficult for individuals to move, and in those cases, we definitely recommend a good professional mover.


You already know that appliances are very heavy, but if you aren’t experienced at moving appliances, you can end up doing a lot of damage. Professional movers know how to disconnect appliances (gas appliances should always be disconnected and reconnected by a plumbing professional). Professional movers also know tips on securing the drum in the washer and dryer, and keeping everything from banging around in the refrigerator.


For many people who own pianos, they are the most valuable item in their home. Even if the value is just sentimental, moving a piano is a real hassle. Pianos weigh between 100s to 1,000s of pounds. While few pianos survive a move without needing some tuning, one bad bump can cause some serious damage. Professional movers have the tools necessary to move very heavy and delicate items.

Pool Tables

You already know that pool tables are big, but you may not know that they are much more complicated than your dining room table. Underneath the felt top are slabs of slate, and as you may remember from high school geology, slate is quite fragile. Professional movers know to crate the slate before moving the pool table.

Art, Antiques, Fine Wine

Whether you inherited art, antiques, and a wine collection, or you’ve spent a lifetime collecting, damage is not an option. Expensive pieces of art or antiques should be crated. Wine should be properly packed and transported. Your collections are worth some good money. Moving day is not the time to be cheap.