5 Things That People Love To Tell You After You Move To The Bay Area

Featured image via Needpix

If you’re a newby to the Bay Area, be prepared; it’s nothing like anywhere else you’ve lived. There are certain truisms, and almost truisms, that Bay Area veterans love to impart. Here are just a few:

That Thing Mark Twain Didn’t Say

One of the most quoted lines about San Francisco’s weather is “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” The quote is often attributed to Mark Twain. In fact, several people will tell you it comes from Mark Twain. Then, people will correct the previous people and tell you the quote doesn’t come from Twain. Those people are right, although no one seems to be sure where exactly the quote came from. Also, summer is only the second coldest season, after winter.

We Have Microclimates

If you’ve ever taken a walk around your neighborhood, you might notice that when you turn the corner, the temperature could dramatically change. That’s because the Bay Area is filled with little pockets with their own climates.

The Streets Roll Up Early In The Bay Area

If you’re a night owl, good luck. You might find some places open after 10:00 pm, but they’ll be few and far between. Actually, things are getting better, but San Francisco is not the City That Never Sleeps.

No One Dresses Up

If you moved here from another part of the country, you might think the casual vibe sported by famous tech billionaires is part of being so rich you no longer need to give a f—. It’s not. Suits are few and far between, even in more formal offices. What you should do, though, is layer.

It Never Rains In The Summer

Before moving here, I researched and researched, but by the end of July in my first year, I thought we were in a major drought (we weren’t, yet). That’s when a friend laughed and said, “you know, it never rains in the summer.” Yes, that’s a weird fact, but with the exception of a sprinkle or two here and there, it’s true. It’s okay, though, because we make up for it in the winter.