Seven Things You Must Have BEFORE You Move Into Your New House

Featured image CC2.0 by Alan Levine via Flickr

Moving tends to give people tunnel vision. There are so many things that need to be done to prepare for the move, that it’s easy to forget about the other end. No worries, though. With just a bit of advanced planning, the first night in your new home will be a breeze. Here are some things a lot of people forget about, but are pretty much a necessity before you move into your new home.

Light Bulbs

Before moving in, stock up on a few light bulbs. You’d be amazed how many people take them with them. You’d also be surprised how in new, or staged homes, they sometimes only provide a few light bulbs.


We can’t emphasize this strongly enough: Change the locks before you move in to your home. You have no idea how many people might have keys. That could include the old owners, friends of the old owners, teenage friends of the old owner’s children, etc.

Window Coverings

Remember those beautiful window coverings that were so perfect for your new home? Those might be gone. Unless you negotiated in the window coverings in your contract, there’s no reason to believe that the old owners won’t take them.

Window coverings are a major expense, or at least they can be. If you need something for privacy before you settle on the perfect window coverings, you can buy paper shades at hardware stores, or buy inexpensive curtains from big box stores.

Cleaning Supplies

Unless you’re hiring cleaning people, you may need two sets of cleaning supplies. It’s always a good idea to spruce up before moving in. Even if the house is relatively clean, it’s gathered dust since the last time you looked at it.

Shower Curtain

If you don’t have glass shower enclosures, make sure to pick up a shower curtain, otherwise the family might have to take baths.

Toilet Paper and Hand Soap

Yes, some people need to be reminded.

Security System

Unoccupied homes might as well have a target painted on them. They are often a favorite for burglars, who might walk away with appliances, window coverings, and even copper pipes. Help keep your unoccupied (and newly occupied) home secure with a new security system.