Why Hosting Thanksgiving Right After A Move Isn’t Always Terrible

Featured Image via Public Domain Pictures

It’s about three weeks before Thanksgiving, and either you just moved, or you’re about to move. The problem is, it’s also your year to host Thanksgiving. Should you cancel, and hope someone else picks up your slack, or should you host it as planned? Well, there might be some advantages to doing it as planned.

Your House Is Already Clean

You might have boxes everywhere, but hopefully they’re not sitting on top of an inch of dust and grime. Usually, when you move into a new house, it’s clean. You’ll still have to spruce up, but probably not as much as you will in a few years.

But Those Boxes

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner might be the impetus you need to unpack all those boxes, but even if you don’t finish, your friends and family will forgive. Just make sure there’s room for everyone to walk around, and make sure you unpack your good dishes.

Make It A Housewarming Party

Rather than host two separate parties within weeks of each other, you might as well combine them. Perhaps some guests would be willing to pitch in to help you unpack.

You Can Make It A Potluck

If the idea of fixing a turkey and all its fixings terrifies you a little, especially right after moving, make it a potluck. Have everyone bring one dish. If you have a super organized friend or family member, you might be able to get them to plan who brings what. You’ll only need to decorate, and perhaps provide one dish or drinks.

Take Lots Of Pictures

Your first holiday in your new home is a big deal. Take lots of pictures to commemorate it. Use one or two to decorate your house and document your first memory in your home.