Your Very Last Minute Moving Checklist

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It’s the day before the move. Panic has begun to set in. Are you ready? Of course not. Almost no one is ready the day before the move, but make yourself a cup of hot tea and relax for a minute while you read this last minute moving checklist.

Pack as Much as You Can

If you have half your house left to pack, or even your entire kitchen, you probably won’t finish, but do as much as you can. Yes, your mover can pack for you, but it might extend your move out a second day, and it will cost you more money. On the upside, having your mover pack is a big stress reliever.


While the movers will disassemble most beds and tables, make sure you disassemble everything that’s not in the contract. If you have any questions, ask your mover.

Check in with Your Mover

You should confirm your move at least a week before, but it’s still a good idea to call your mover the day before. Let them know if there’s anything you haven’t finished, and if anything has changed. If your mover doesn’t have your new address, now’s a good time to let them know.

Buy Food

While you certainly are not required to feed the movers, many, if not most, moving customers, do. You don’t have to get fancy. Sandwiches or pizza are fine. Don’t forget drinks. Water and sports drinks are great.

Verify All Your Address Changes

This will be the last day you receive mail in your old home. Fortunately, you can confirm address changes online.

Confirm Utilities

You will need power in your new home. Make sure they’re either on, or scheduled to be turned on first thing in the morning.

Confirm Parking

Make sure you have enough room for your moving truck to park. You’ll need at least two car-length parking spaces for a local move, and up to three for a long-distance move.