The Easiest Things For You To Pack, And The Hardest

If you have a move planned, your budget can start feeling a little stretched pretty quickly. That’s why moving isn’t one size fits all. You can save money by doing some, or all, of the packing yourself. Not everything is easy to pack, though. Here’s where you should start if you want to do some of your packing, and here’s what you should leave for the movers.

What You Can Easily Pack


Books are arguably the easiest thing on your packing list. They aren’t breakable. They aren’t weirdly shaped. All you have to do is put them in boxes. Books are also a great place to start packing, because most are not necessities before your move.

That being said, there are a few things you should know about packing books. As you probably know, they are very heavy. Pack books in small boxes. You never want a box to weigh more than 50 pounds. It’s not a horrible idea to pack like-sized books in the same box, so they stack neatly.

Clothing and Linens

Clothing and linens, like books, don’t break. Grab some medium sized boxes, and begin emptying your drawers and linen closets. Most movers provide a few wardrobe boxes for your closet for free. It takes just a few moments to grab the hangers off the closet bars, with clothing still on them, and put them in the wardrobe boxes.


The bathroom is one of the last rooms you should pack, and it’s an excellent time to purge expired makeup and lotions. You’ll need a little padding, such as paper, to keep things from banging around and exploding in the box, but they are still easy items to pack.


Toys are typically not breakable, so easy to pack. You might even be able to pawn that job off on the kids, if they are old enough.

What’s Easier For Movers To Pack


The kitchen is by far the most time consuming room in most houses. The easiest things to pack in kitchens are pots, pans, and other non-breakables. Many customers are willing to splurge and let the movers pack dishes and other breakables.

Pictures and Electronics

Electronics and pictures on the walls can go either way. They are weird to pack, so many people let the movers do it. If you have room in your car, though, you can generally safely transport them with a few blankets as cushioning.


If you’re leaving your kitchen to the movers, you might as well also leave the knick-knacks. They are also breakable, and somewhat oddly shaped.