Moving In Together? You Will Need To Compromise

Featured image via Pixabay

Your relationship is going great. You each have toothbrushes and toiletries at each others’ places. You might even have designated drawers. For the first time ever, or at least in a while, you’re truly in love, and ready to take the next step, which is moving in together. Why not? It can save a lot of time and money.

Despite how great it sounds, though, moving in together is serious, and will involve a lot of compromise and thought.

Make Sure It’s For The Right Reasons

Yes, we get it; the cost of living in California is ridiculously high. Splitting the rent on a one bedroom can sound awfully appealing, but sometimes it simply isn’t worth it. Make sure you are in love, but we also suggest a trial run. Maybe keep one home until you know you’re compatible.

Iron Out The Money Issues

Do you make similar money? If so, splitting rent and utilities half way down the middle might sound appealing. If not, you may want to make another arrangement, based on how much each makes.

Iron Out The Chores

If you’re lucky, you might like cleaning bathrooms as much as you hate doing dishes, and vice versa for your partner. Unfortunately, life is rarely that tidy. Make a list of chores, and discuss how to approach them before signing that new lease.


When two full-grown adults move in together, you’re going to have duplicates of a lot of stuff. How do you approach that? Whose sofa do you keep? Whose kitchen appliances. Sometimes, it’s an easy choice; you pick the nicest. Sometimes, though, sentiment is a factor. Storage can be an easy solution, but it might also make it seem as if you aren’t as committed as you think. The bottom line, though, is that if some material goods (sans an heirloom or something inherently valuable) are standing in the way of your relationship progressing, maybe you aren’t ready.