How To Make Your New House Immediately Feel Like Home

Featured image CC0 Public Domain via PxHere

Before your move, you imagine your new home. You imagine every piece of furniture it its place. You imagine your favorite books on the shelves, your plants throughout, and family photos donning the walls. Unfortunately, after your move, your new home hardly feels like home. It’s full of unpacked boxes and clutter. There are things you can do to make it feel like a home right away, though.

Label Boxes

Okay, to be fair, labeling boxes is something that should be done when you’re packing, but it’s the best way to make you feel right at home in your new place. Pack the items that make you feel at home, and label the boxes “unpack first” with the room. Include items like the clothing you’ll need in the next few days, along with your kids’ favorite toys, and of course, bed and bath linens. Don’t forget the pet toys and beds.

Make the Beds

There’s nothing worse than putting sleeping bags on the bed and pretending that it’s bedding. Okay, there probably are worse things, but if you set up your beds right away, you’ll sleep as if you’ve been in your new home for years.

Unpack the Kids’ Rooms First

If you want some quiet time to unpack, it’s probably best to set up the children’s rooms first. Give them everything they need to stay occupied while you take care of everything else.

Create an Environment

Unpacked boxes may be a nuisance, but if you burn some candles and play some music or a good podcast, your body will automatically relax a little. It might even make packing pleasant.

Hide the Boxes Away

If you have a basement or a spare bedroom, put the boxes there to get them out of the general living area.

Let Us Unpack

There is another way, and that is to let us unpack for you. It costs surprisingly little, and we put everything in its place and take the boxes and packing materials with us. Your new house will become a home within hours instead of days or weeks.