How To Settle Into Your New Home Office After A Move

When you move into a new home, it’s sometimes hard to decide where to unpack first. The bedrooms might come to mind; after all, you need clothing. Of course, you also need to eat, so there’s the kitchen. Your boss might have something else in mind, though, at least if you work from home.

If you work from home, you may not have time to slowly unpack. You, as with any office, need to be up and running yesterday. Short of asking the movers to unpack for you (which we will certainly do, and for a surprisingly inexpensive cost), here are some tips to satisfy even your boss or clients.

It may not shock you to know that you should start early, even before the move.

Digitize Everything

You may need paper documents for some things, but odds are you can work from digital copies. Digitize everything you might need in the weeks following the move.

Color Code

Color code all your boxes. You might do it by client or by project, or perhaps by both. Most importantly, color code them by priority. Old files can probably wait, but code your current files so you know where to find them.

Label Cords

If you work from a desktop computer, make sure you label the cords. Bread tags and colored sharpies work well. You should hook up your computer, printer, and phones first.

Of course, the best way to ensure you’ll be back up and running on moving day is to have the Ninja Movers pack and unpack for you. We don’t just do residential moves; we are expert at commercial moves. We move companies every day who can’t afford a moment of downtime. Why would your move be treated any differently?

Featured image via Pixabay