Things You Should Always Remember To Tell Your Mover

During the coronavirus pandemic, having a mover come to your home to give you an estimate might not be as appealing as you think. That said, it’s important that you get as accurate estimate as possible, especially if you have a bigger move.

No matter how long you’ve lived in your home, you could have something we call home blindness. Home blindness is getting so used to something in your home that you no longer see it. Here are some things you should always remember to tell your mover about before you have them give you an estimate:


It’s unlikely you’ve gone home blind to your piano, but you’d be surprised at the number of moves we’ve seen where customers forgot to tell us they had a piano. Pianos require special equipment and usually an extra mover.


If you are moving major appliances such as your refrigerator and washer/dryer, let your movers know. They will need special preparation, and if any of your appliances are hooked up to gas lines, you should hire a plumber to disconnect them.

Stairs or elevator

You might be surprised to know that both stairs and elevators add time to your move. While stairs inside your home are probably no big deal, since it’s unlikely the bulk of your furniture is up there, stairs to get to your home, especially if it’s more than one flight, makes a difference.


You may forget about all those pictures and mirrors on your wall, but they need to be moved, and they need special handling. If you can, you can move these yourself. If not, your movers can pack them and move them, but there will be an extra cost.


All of your electronics need to be disconnected and packed in boxes. Your mover will be able to do that, but the cost needs to be factored in.

Playground equipment

Playground equipment is a tough one, and usually requires someone else to disassemble them. Your mover will be able to move them, but it’s important that they know about them in advance. Sometimes it could require an extra truck or an extra trip.

Gas barbecue grills

While a mover can move your grill, your mover will not be able to move your propane tank.

Long carry

If your front door is a good distance from where the truck can park, let your mover know. Also, if you are moving long distance, there’s a good chance your mover will come with a large semi-truck. It’s critical they have someplace to park.