The Top 10 Tools You Must Have For Moving

When you are planning your move, even if you’re hiring a mover, there are certain tools you can’t do without, or at least you shouldn’t.

Measuring tape

A measuring tape may be your most important tool for your move. In fact, you should bring it out before your move. Measure your furniture. Measure the space in your new home.

Graph paper

If you want to do it like the pros, or at least old school pros, grab a pad of graph paper and sketch out your new place. Add your furniture to give you a good idea of where to put items.

Or…an app

There are several apps you can download for room design. Here is a great list from Apartment Therapy.



If you’re doing your own packing, you’re going to need scissors for cutting tape and cutting open those boxes you’ve accidentally thrown something into that you will need.

You’ll need sharpies or magic markers to label all of the boxes.

Tape dispenser

Professional movers generally forgo tape dispenser guns, but for those of us who don’t do it every day, getting a clean cut on packing tape can be tough.

Claw hammer

Don’t pack your claw hammer. You’ll need it to pull nails out of the wall. You will also need it to hang pictures at your new place.


Trust us when we say you are going to need a screwdriver. You might need one to take legs off tables and sofas, or disassemble electronics. You might even need one to take doors off the hinges.

Pry bar

If you have to take a door off the hinges, you’ll need a pry bar along with the screwdriver and hammer.

A dolly or hand truck

Regardless of whether you’re hiring pros or not, a dolly or hand truck can help you get those boxes out of the way or clear a space for you to pack.