How To Make Friends During A Pandemic

Closeup portrait of a group of business people laughing via Wikiversity

If, like many of our long-distance moving customers, you’re new to the Bay Area, you might be thinking you moved at precisely the wrong time. While lock-down restrictions aren’t as rigorous as they were a few months ago, it’s still a challenge to meet new people. Traditional ways of meeting friends, such as going to bars or knocking on neighbors’ doors are not exactly advised, and masks make welcoming smiles more difficult to detect. Still, there are ways to make new friends. Here are a few:

Join a dating app

While some people might be reluctant to date during a pandemic, dating apps are increasingly offering platonic options. You can take your time before meeting in person, and when the in person meet finally does happen, it’s perfectly fine to stay socially distanced. Also, dogs are by definition great friends.

Get a dog

It might be a little tough to adopt a dog right now, since people who were reticent before the pandemic now have time to train and walk puppies. Even if you have to get on a waiting list, it’s so worth it. Chatting up fellow dog lovers at the dog park is one of the fastest ways to make a true friend, especially if the dogs get along.

Join a virtual book club

If you’re a book lover, a traditional book club might seem out of reach, but you can join a virtual book club where you can meet people who love the same books as you.

Host a virtual block party

A virtual block party might seem counterintuitive, but it can be a lot of fun. Print up flyers with a Zoom invite or an invitation to follow one of your social media feeds. You probably don’t want to invite the entire block, unless it’s a small one, but definitely invite the immediate neighbors.

Get to know your social media friends

You’ve had some social media friends for years, but likely know very little about them. Offer to be a social lifeline for the people you like the best. They may or may not live near you, but now it doesn’t matter. Once the pandemic is over, you’ll have friends from all over the country if not the world.