How San Francisco Moves Vary From Atherton Moves

San Francisco cable car image by Steve7103 via Pixabay, Holbrook Palmer Park tower in Atherton via Wikimedia

You might think San Francisco moves and Atherton moves are pretty much the same thing. They can be, but San Francisco moving and Atherton moving can be very different for a few main reasons.

Does the median home price affect the cost of moving?

Atherton, CA is often called the most expensive zip code in America. With a median home price pushing $7.5 million, it’s not surprising. As a comparison, the median home price in San Francisco is high by most people’s standards at more than $1.5 million. There are some obvious differences, such as Atherton customers are more likely to choose full service moves, which include packing and unpacking. But the difference in home price isn’t why moving is so different in each city.

Do demographics affect the cost of moving?

Atherton and San Francisco have noticeably different demographics. Atherton is about 80 percent white while San Francisco is far more diverse. Ninja Movers is a diverse mover with a diverse clientele. Diversity, or lack thereof, has little to no relevance to the moving process or the cost of moving.

So how do Atherton moves differ from San Francisco moves?

Atherton moves and San Francisco moves differ in some surprising ways, but the one factor that affects the move the most boils down to population density. San Francisco, like most major cities, is filled with high rise buildings, apartments and condos. In San Francisco, nearly 20,000 people live on each square mile. In Atherton, which is mostly filled with private homes, each square mile houses around 7,000 people.

How does population density affect the cost of my move?

The good news for Atherton moving customers

Population density doesn’t directly affect the cost of your move. However, San Francisco’s busy streets and tall buildings do offer some challenges. Parking can be more difficult, which is why we suggest reserving spots through the city if you need us to park on the street.

Double drive time, which is the standard California charge for travel from your origin to destination, and back again, can be a little longer in heavily traveled cities.

Another factor that might Atherton moves seem a little cheaper is that most in Atherton live in single family homes. It does take a bit longer to move from an apartment, especially when you live above the 3rd floor, even if you have an elevator.

The good news for San Francisco moving customers

If we head straight to the bottom line, our San Francisco moving customers, on average, spend less money than Atherton moving customers, primarily because they have a lot less stuff. While many Ninja Movers’ San Francisco customers prefer our full-service moves, many choose to do some or all of their own packing.

Whether your move is within Atherton or San Francisco, or anywhere else in the Bay Area and the Los Angeles area, talk to us and tell us what your priorities are. If you have a moving budget or if time is your biggest concern, let us know. We can help you plan a move that will fit all your needs.