How You Can Help The Movers During The Move

Featured image via Pixabay

Hiring professional movers is absolutely the fastest and most efficient way to move, but if you’re like a lot of people, you don’t feel right just sitting there while people are working hard on your behalf. First off, let’s get that guilt out of the way. You are paying the movers and they have their own systems. Depending on how you attempt to help, you might be getting in the way. But there are things you can do to help the movers.

Make sure there’s parking

If you live in an urban or hilly area, parking might be tricky. Cities often require parking permits, especially since moving trucks take up around three parking spaces. If you don’t reserve space, the city could fine you or the movers.

The Bay Area has a lot of narrow one-way streets that can be tough for trucks, ask neighbors to stay clear if at all possible. If you live in a building with a loading dock, you might need to reserve the dock for the movers. Regardless, think about the parking situation before moving day.

Make space

Your movers will need a clear path to move things to the truck, but they’ll also need a staging area on each floor where they can wrap furniture and pack loose items. Don’t forget about outdoor obstructions, including vegetation that has grown across the pathway.

Arrange for supervision

You should always attempt to be there for the move. First, you have to sign the paperwork, which includes any revisions. You should also be there to answer questions as they come up. If you can’t be there, make sure there is an adult who can sign for you and answer any questions.

Show the movers around

Give the movers a tour of your home before they start working. If you did most or all of the packing, familiarize them with your system so they know where to place boxes in your new home (hint — color coding works well). Show them any items that are especially fragile or valuable.

Move some items yourself

Yes, we know, the idea is that the movers should move everything. While we can move almost everything, there are certain things that by law we can’t move.

  • Expensive jewelry
  • Important paperwork, such as deeds, car titles, birth certificates, etc.
  • Liquid cleaning products
  • Paint
  • Gasoline or other flammable fluids
  • Propane tanks

We also suggest that you move your small electronic items such as laptops and tablets.

Optional kindness

You don’t have to feed the movers, but many customers order pizza or sandwiches and maybe some snacks. Provide lots of water and if you would like, sports drinks. Give them access to at least one bathroom and be sure to have plenty of hand soap and paper towels.

Get the kids and pets out of the way

If you can, take the kids and pets to daycare or a trusted person’s house. If that’s not an option, crate the pets and entertain the kids away from the movers.