A Comprehensive List Of What Movers Can’t Move

Featured image via Pixabay

When you hire a mover, you might expect that they’re prepared to move anything. There are several items, however, that you will need to move yourself. Before getting frustrated, though, we’re not talking about heavy and bulky items — we’re pros at handling those. You can easily most most items movers can’t move in your car, even if it’s a sedan.

Flammables and explosives

It probably doesn’t surprise you that movers can’t move flammable items. If something were to happen, the truck, the crew in front, and everything you own, could all go up in flames. Flammable items include:

  • Firearms and ammunition — Nearly every gun owner is taught that you should always assume a gun is loaded. Movers follow that same philosophy. Not only that, it’s illegal for movers to take guns across many state lines. If you are moving out of state, you can contact a licensed firearm dealer to ship your guns. If you’re moving locally, we suggest moving your guns yourself. We’ll happily move a gun safe, though.
  • Gas and oxygen tanks — Ninja Movers will move barbecue grills, no questions asked, but we cannot move the propane tanks or lighter fluid. It’s the same with scuba tanks and even the oxygen tanks used to make sodas.
  • Fireworks — This probably doesn’t need an explanation.
  • Liquor — Liquor is highly flammable and explosive.
  • Chemistry sets — If you have a child who’s interested in chemistry, that’s fantastic! However, chemistry sets contain all sorts of potentially damaging and even explosive materials.
  • Hairspray

Corrosive materials

Movers cannot move corrosive solutions because if a leak were to happen, it could ruin everything on the truck. Those materials include:

  • Cleaning supplies — Cleaning solutions often have corrosive ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, etc. Even “green” cleaning agents are potentially corrosive. Besides, you’ll probably need your cleaning supplies to spruce up before you vacate your old home.
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover


Moving trucks don’t have much ventilation and they can get very hot or cold. Not only that, it can be tough to stabilize plants so they don’t fall over. Also, some states forbid taking plants across state lines.


Movers can’t move pets for the same reason they can’t move plants. If you can’t take your pet(s) in your car, contact a pet relocation service. You can take cats and dogs on most planes (for a fee), but you can’t take exotic pets.


There are some foods movers can move, such as canned and dry goods. However, movers cannot move perishable foods.

Important paperwork

Movers can’t be held responsible for paperwork, so be sure to take your car titles, home deeds, passports, birth certificates, etc. with you. In addition, you should take sentimental items, such as photo albums, in your car.


Jewelry is another item that movers can’t be held responsible for. Be sure to take jewelry with you unless it’s inexpensive costume jewelry.


This one is a little tricky because there’s no law that says movers can’t move electronics. However, it’s a good idea to move small (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) electronics yourself.