Eating From Paper Plates And Other Annoyances Of Moving

No matter what, moving will upend your life. Usually, it’s for the better, there are always inconveniences you won’t anticipate.

1. Eating on paper plates – In your eagerness to pack the most time-consuming things, your breakables, you pack away all your dishes.

2. Indigestion from too much takeout – You also packed your pots and pans.

3. On the other hand, trying to empty the fridge and pantry – if you aren’t tired of canned peaches now, you will be.

4. Gauging food consumption – Do you risk running to the store every day for a quart of milk or do you suck it up and buy a gallon, risking having leftovers on moving day?

5. That last load of laundry – Do you do a load on moving day or do you move dirty sheets and clothes?

6. What to wear – Planning your moving week wardrobe can be tricky, especially if you have to work. Otherwise, some jeans, sweats and some comfortable shirts should do it.

7. Entertainment – The books and games are packed. The TV is in its box and it probably is best to arrange the cable and internet hookup on days either before or after your moving day. Oh, well, music is better for packing anyway.

8. Firewood – Unless you have a lot, some things are best left with the new inhabitants.

9. All those magazines you’ve been collecting – Come on, it’s the 21st century. Scan the articles you want and recycle the paper, unless they are collector’s editions, and really, almost none of them really are.

10. Trash – Take it out or trust me, the movers will pack it. Remember, the old adage, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s not a mover’s job to make a judgment call and yes, people do use trash cans as packing containers.

For most of these quandaries, there is no right or wrong answer. Of course, it’s less of a problem when the movers pack for you, but there will still be some loose ends. The best advice I can give is leave a few needed items out until moving day and hope that you can balance the rest.

Image via Pixabay