Simple Moving Hacks To Make Life So Much Easier

Moving is hard, and it’s stressful. We aren’t going to deny any of that, but you can make it easier with just a few simple hacks and organizational tools.

Break It Up Into Small Chunks

Determine how many boxes you need to pack, and what kind of materials you need. Your moving consultant will be happy to help, but here’s a general guide:

  • A small box holds about a bookshelf worth of books or media
  • A medium box holds about one dresser drawer’s worth of clothing, a cupboard of pots and pans, or a shelf of your linen closet
  • A large box holds bedding and lighter items — it will fit approximately a comforter and perhaps some smaller items
  • A dish box holds about eight place settings of dishes
  • A wardrobe box holds about two feet of closet rod

Divide the number of boxes you have to pack by the number of days you have before the move, but leave some leeway. If, for example, it’s 20 days before the move, and you have to pack 100 boxes, that would be just five a day, but aim for more. You want to have a bit of cushion.

Pack In This Order

Some things take more time than others to pack. Some things are more necessary than others. Start with your kitchen. It takes the most time, but leave at least one place setting per person, and at least a couple of pots and pans. Pack books and knick-knacks early. Move on to bedrooms as you get closer to the move date. Pack the bathrooms last.

Do All Your Address Changes Online

The days of calling your banks, the post office, utilities, etc. to change your address are gone. Do it all online within minutes.

Make A Blueprint

No one is asking you to be an architect or designer, but a piece of graph paper and a pencil can make your move so much easier. Take measurements of your furniture, and of your new home. Map out where you want everything to go. You might be surprised. You might have to sell your big sectional or that dining room table. You might find that you need more furniture to fill your home.

Use Bread Clips

You know those plastic clips on bread bags? Use those to keep your wires together. Mark each one with a sharpie.

Take Pictures Of Electronics

Take pictures of the wiring of electronics, especially your TV, so you know exactly which cable or wire goes where.

Color Code Your Boxes

Each room should have its own color.

Ask Your Children For Help

If your children don’t play with certain toys, or they no longer like some clothing, it’s time to donate or hold a yard sale. There’s no point in moving things your children have grown out of. Same for you. If you aren’t using something, don’t move it.

Put Together A ‘No Move’ Area

Put your cleaning supplies (you’ll need those after the move), some personal effects, valuables, important papers, and anything else you want to move yourself in a separate area, and instruct the movers to not touch that area. It’s best if you can designate a room, such as an empty bathroom.

Plan A No Work Day

You have to have a day off, even during moving. Do a spa day, go for a hike, or just see a movie.

Featured image via Pixabay