San Francisco Is Nation’s Fastest Growing Moving Destination



Does the Bay Area seem a bit more crowded lately? It’s not your imagination. Despite rising real estate prices, San Francisco is the fastest growing moving destination in the country, at least according to one survey.

While San Francisco is not the top moving destination – that designation almost perennially belongs to Atlanta – it’s moving up the ranks, showing an average increase of 6.9%. The data was pulled by Bloomberg from records from U-Haul.

Penske, a competitor to U-Haul, doesn’t even show San Francisco in the top 10 of overall moving destinations – yet. However, it San Francisco keeps moving up at the rate it is, it might creep onto the list soon.

What other cities are moving up quickly in moving ranks? Nashville is number two. Austin, TX is number three followed by Raleigh, NC, Louisville, KY, Dallas, TX, Tacoma, WA and Denver, CO. Denver is the only city to be both a top 10 moving destination and in the top 10 for growing destinations, although, Tacoma’s neighbor, Seattle, is a top 10 destination.

With the exception of Chicago and Jersey City, NJ, all of the fastest growing destinations are in the South or the West. The all-around top moving destinations show a similar trend, which doesn’t bode well for the Midwest’s or the Northeast’s housing markets.

Graphic of fastest growing moving destinations from Bloomberg.
Graphic of fastest growing moving destinations from Bloomberg.