Moving To A Smaller Place (VIDEO)


Whether because of cost or for environmental reasons, Americans are downsizing. Some are moving into houses as small as 100 square feet or less. For most people, moving to a smaller place can be a challenge. How do you prepare?

1. Get rid of absolutely everything you don’t need. This can be tough. Organizers often tell you that if you haven’t used something in two years, get rid of it. Craigslist, consignment shops and thrift stores are your friends.

2. Map your new home. Take exact measurements and plug them into a room planner like this or like one of several apps you can download for either Androids, iPhones or iPads. Personally, I recommend it be done on at least a tablet, if not a full-sized computer.

Once you have your room dimensions uploaded, then upload the exact dimensions of your furniture. See if it will fit. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.

3. Purge again. Once you figure out what will fit in your new home, it’s amazing how easy it is to get rid of even more. If certain items have either sentimental attachment or if they are valuable but still won’t fit in your new home, ask a family member if they will keep it for you. If not, even long-term storage is less expensive than moving into a bigger home.

If you need some inspiration for small home organization, see how people who live in truly tiny homes do it.