10 Life Hacks That Will Make Moving Day So Much Better

Moving is hardly a high tech industry. Little has changed over since the invention of the panel truck, but still even pros look for ways to make things easier and more efficient. We’ve come up with 10 life hacks that will help make your moving day easier. Bonus points if those methods involve things you might already own.

1. Rent some moving blankets from a truck rental place or from a moving company to cover floors and walls. You can also used flattened cardboard boxes. You don’t have to cover every inch of your house, but do cover the main traffic areas. Use painter’s tape to tape them down. It won’t damage your carpets or hardwood floors.

2. If your furniture left dents in the carpet, melt ice on the dents and then lift the carpet fibers with a spoon.

Source: Rentfluff

3. Ask your office for paper boxes – no, not boxes made of paper, the type that paper comes in. They are typically strong and they often have handles.

4. Take pictures of the the wiring on all your electronics before unplugging them.

5. Use plastic bread bag closures to label your wires. This will save you a lot of headache. You can also mark the end of the tape roll with bread closures.

6. Pack the wires in toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

Image and idea courtesy of Viral Nova
Image and idea courtesy of Viral Nova

7. Pack drinking glasses inside socks.

8. Use foam plates to cushion ceramic plates.

9. Group your hanging clothes together by putting a plastic garbage bag over them. Then you can transfer them easily to and from the wardrobe boxes.

10. Color code either your box labels, marker pen or tape by room.