It’s Moving Off-Season — What Does That Mean For You?

Image Public Domain via Air Force Medical Service

You may not think of moving as a seasonal business. The real estate market is still crazy. It’s still tough to find a good apartment, but believe it or not, a lot fewer people move in the winter than they do in the summer. Why? Well, mostly because families wait until school is out for children, and then, there’s the weather.

If you can move during the off-season, though, there are some huge benefits. There are also some downsides.

Sometimes, you can negotiate a better price if you can move during the off-season. Your odds go up if you can move in the middle of the month in the middle of the week. If your move can take place in the afternoon, and if you’re flexible to have a wide window for your moving start time, all the better. You may also be able to negotiate a cheaper rate on storage. Please note that discounts, even in the off-season, aren’t guaranteed, but it never hurts to ask.

During the summer, many movers turn down smaller jobs. But in the winter, you have a much better chance of booking a mover. Because it’s less busy during the winter, you may have more flexibility as to when you move.

There are some disadvantages to winter moving, though, including, as we said before, the weather. While it’s highly unlikely we’ll get snow in our part of the country, snow could delay your long-distance move. Of course, around here, we get rain. Most movers take extra precautions during the rain, but the precautions (like shrink-wrapping furniture) can add a bit of extra time to the move. Whoever you hire, make sure to ask what they do to protect your furniture and your home during the rain.