Five New Year’s Resolutions To Make Your Next Move Much Easier

Image via Wikimedia

Whether you just moved or you are anticipating a move in the near future, the whole process is somewhat daunting. Those at the tail end of the move swear, just swear, that next time, they’ll be better prepared. If your move is in the future, these New Year’s resolutions will make your move much easier:


Everyone knows they should declutter before the move, but how much easier would it be if you made a New Year’s resolution to start decluttering now, and continue throughout the year? Make a resolution to clean out a drawer, cabinet, or a section of a closet each week. By the end of the year, you can eliminate the need to pack as many as 25 boxes.

Ask Friends

It’s never too early to start shopping around for a mover. If your friends move, ask them about their experiences. Did they like their mover, or do they recommend that you stay away? Obviously, you can’t judge a company by one customer’s experiences, but it’s a start.

You should also ask what they thought went right with their move, and what they would have done differently. Write it all down and keep it for future reference.

Keep the Original Boxes

If you received larger electronics, like a TV or a desktop computer, over the holidays, keep the original packaging. It will save you money, time, and possibly your electronics, during moving day.

Take Pictures

You have probably already taken pictures of your valuables for your insurance company. If you rent, you have probably made a video log of all the damage before moving in. Did you know you should also take pictures before the move? Note all scratches and dings on furniture, and note the pieces that are in pristine condition. Obviously, a spilled glass of water or an out of control game of catch can change any of this, but it’s much easier to update than to start all over again.

Back Up

Regularly scan important papers and back up your hard drive.