How Your Mover Can Help You Sell Your Home

Your home is a monument to you and your family. It’s filled with memories, photos, and personal belongings. To you, it’s what makes your house a home. To buyers, though, it’s meaningless clutter. That’s why most people hire professional stagers to help sell their home. Did you know, though, that your favorite moving company can help too?

Value of Staging

When buyers look at a home, they want to imagine what their lives might be like. A tastefully, but minimally decorated home is better than a blank slate. It’s a vision of what could be. You’d be amazed at the number of buyers who want to negotiate the staging furniture into the sale price.

A well-staged home looks great in pictures. In these days, when anyone can virtually tour just about any listed home, being photo ready is critical.

When a house is staged, minor repairs are made, and walls are painted in pleasing, but neutral colors. Staged homes appear move-in-ready, they attract more buyers, which means sellers get more offers and can sell faster.

How Much Does Staging Cost

According to the National Association of Realtors, staging costs, on average, about $625. Many Realtors offer staging, or some staging, as part of their package. More than half of homeowners say that staging increased their home’s sale price. 96 percent of Realtors say staging affects some buyers’ attitudes.

What Happens When You Stage Your Home

The process of staging can be a bit burdensome. A stager will go through your home, often with an inspector. They will demand that you make repairs, and pack up all your personal effects. That is where a mover comes in. The mover can pack for you, and they can take all your personal items into storage, for safe-keeping, until you’re ready to move into your new home.

Featured image via Pixabay