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10 moving mistakes to avoid

Top 10 Moving Mistakes to Avoid: A California Edition

Are you planning a move in the beautiful state of California? We, at Ninja Movers, understand...

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How Your Mover Can Help You Sell Your Home

Your home is a monument to you and your family. It’s filled with memories, photos, and...

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How To Keep Your Moving Day *Well* Moving

Moving Day Image via Pexels If you are moving locally, time on moving day is money,...

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recruit friends

How To Recruit Friends To Help With Your Move Without Destroying Friendships

When you think of asking friends to help you move, you probably think of college days,...

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Nine Tips For An Easy, Breezy Unpack

When you’re getting ready to move, there are all sorts of resources to help you prepare....

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Your Office Moving Checklist

So it’s time for you and your team to make a move to the new office. It’s time to get into gear and shift to a new home that will hopefully reflect the forward-looking nature of your business while providing a comfortable base for your staff. A potentially shambolic, stressful process can be turned into…

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Five Tips If You Decide To Move Yourself

We get it, we really do. Sometimes people have more time than money so they decide...

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What To Pack First

Your new home is arranged, the movers are hired and your moving date is near. Now...

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The College Moving Habits You Should Drop Now – And The Ones You Can Keep

  When I was in college and in my early 20s, I moved often. It was fairly easy then. Not only was my body young and able to take the abuses of carrying heavy items up and down stairs, I had young, strong friends, who were willing to pitch in for no more than beer…

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How Moving Costs Are Calculated – Part Three (Short Hauls)

Short hauls, or moves less than about 250 miles or within the same state from the origin, are, in the eyes of a moving company, sort of a strange breed.

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