How To Move With Your Pets

Go to the Vet

If you’re like 2/3rds of American households, you have a pet, and odds are, they are like family. When you move long distance, of course you’ll take your fur (or scaly) baby with you, but sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you plan it right, though, you and your pets can move comfortably. Here are the options:

Before you make your travel plans, take your pets to the vet to get a clean bill of health, update their vaccinations, and, if your pet is the nervous type, some anti-anxiety meds. You might not need them, but if you do, you’ll be so happy you have them. Be sure to tell your vet the mode of transportation. The prescription might vary, depending on whether you’re flying or driving.

If You Drive

The ideal way to transport your pets, at least in my opinion, is to take them with you in your car, that is, if you have room. Make a comfortable area for your pet. If they are crate trained, try to make a space to put their crate. Buy a no-spill water dispenser, unless you are able to offer water every couple of hours. Your pet will likely not eat too much while on the road, but bring some food and some treats. Plan for lots of rest stops.

Many, if not most, hotels and motels do not allow pets, but Expedia has a list of pet friendly lodging. Be sure to make your reservations in advance, which might put a damper on a spontaneous road trip, but it’s so much better than having no place to stay after a long day of driving.

If You Fly

Flying with pets can be tricky. First off, if you have a short snouted dog or cat, like a Pug or a Persian Cat, air travel can be deadly. If you have a small pet, contact the airline. You might be able to take them onto the cabin with you. If you have a large dog, though, that might not be a possibility. The Humane Society recommends getting a direct flight, traveling on the same plane, notifying the captain and at least one flight attendant.

Read about their more specific recommendations here.

Featured image Creative Commons CC2.0 via MaxPixel