The Anatomy Of A Moving Truck

A moving truck is almost like a Tardis.

If you’ve ever moved professionally, you may have noticed that the truck is almost like a Tardis. Inside seems so much larger than the outside, yet before a single box or piece of furniture is loaded, it’s stocked with everything the movers should need. So, what, exactly, does a moving truck hold?


Any decent mover is going to use a lot of blankets, and unless you keep them or rent them, you shouldn’t pay a penny. Each piece of furniture should be wrapped in at least one blanket, and securely taped. The quilting adds cushioney protection, and keeps everything dust-free.


Your moving truck should have a few of each sized box, just in case you forget to pack some things. When customers ask us to do a lot of packing, we add more boxes.


Moves require a lot of tape. Your move might require dozens to even hundreds of rolls. We will be prepared.


While we don’t do any complicated disassemblies and reassemblies, we’ll absolutely take apart your bed, or take the legs off your dining room table. We will have the tools onboard for basic work.

A Ramp

A ramp is one of the most important tools for your movers. It allows them to run dollies and hand trucks up and down without hurting their backs, or using up the clock.

Hand Trucks

A hand truck is a wheeling cart for furniture and boxes. It’s so much easier and faster than carrying everything out by hand.


Movers use hand trucks a lot more than dollies, which are almost like square skateboards. Dollies do have their uses, though, such as moving exceptionally large pieces of furniture.

What We Don’t Have Without Advanced Notice

If you have a piano or a safe to move, please let us know in advance. We will add a special piano board to our truck.