The Best Way To Organize And Pack Your Books

Featured image via Pixabay

In many ways, books are the easiest item in your home to pack. You don’t need to wrap them in paper, or even fold them, but they do take some prep work.


You know those paperbacks you read when you were in high school? How about those lofty works of fiction you keep swearing is next on your reading list? What about all those books you read and will never read again? There are plenty of places to donate books, including your local library. Thrift stores happily take books, as do many schools. You can even donate to any of the “little free libraries” in your neighborhood. Here’s how to find them.

There is no shame in donating some of your book collection. Trust me when I say no one will think less of you if you only have four bookcases full of books instead of five.

If you are really downsizing, you can digitize your book collection.

Get the Right Boxes

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is using the wrong boxes. Books are extremely heavy, and should be packed in small boxes. Be sure to tape the boxes very well. You can even line the bottom with another sheet of cardboard. Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and stack.

Pack by Room

You probably have an assortment of books with an assortment of purposes. Assort your books by usage. For example, cookbooks should be labeled as such, and should go to or near the kitchen. Professional books should stay with your home office, and recreational books in common spaces or the bedroom.

How to Unpack

Unpack the books you need first, which probably means your professional books. If you don’t have enough bookshelves (and who does?), here are some really creative options.