How Much Should You Tip Your Movers?

It’s the end of a long day’s move, and time to pull the wallet out to pay. Everything seems pretty clearcut, but you might still be a little confused over whether to tip the movers or not, and how much. Here is almost everything you need to know about tipping movers.

Should You Tip the Movers?

There are no hard and fast rules about tipping movers, other than to say it’s up to you. No mover should ever ask for a tip, and if one does, call that mover’s dispatcher. If the movers do a good job for you, though, by all means, leave them a few dollars.

How Much Should You Tip?

How much you should tip depends on your move, and how happy you are. At Ninja Movers, we pay our movers well, but as you know, the cost of living in California is very high. They do depend on tips to a certain extent, but only when they deserve them.

Local Moves

On local moves, it’s a good idea to tip by the hour. $5.00 per hour per mover is a good rule of thumb. Consider more if the movers have to work particularly hard. Give the total tip to the move’s foreman so he can distribute it equitably.

Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moving tips are a little more confusing. Odds are, you’ll have different crews at pickup and delivery. I like to tip movers based on the number of hours, similarly to local moves. It’s best to give the first tip upon pickup and the second upon delivery.

If you aren’t comfortable tipping cash, that’s okay. You can treat movers in other ways as well, such as maybe a nice lunch or even a gift card. Again, no one says you have to tip movers. It’d definitely appreciated, though, if you do.