How To Organize Your Closet

If the pandemic is good for one thing (it has to be good for one thing, right?), it’s that it’s a great time to take on all those organizing chores you’ve been putting off. If you’re anything like me, your closet is a disaster. Here are tips for organizing even your worst space.

Empty it

Start with a blank canvas, which means taking absolutely everything out of your closet. The best place to put your clothing is on a clean bed. Use the floor for your shoes.

Vacuum and dust

Vacuum the carpet. Use the hose to get all the cobwebs in the corners. Finish by wiping all the surfaces down with a damp cloth.

Grab three bags

Go through everything in your closet with as neutral an eye as possible. Have you worn it in the last two years? Does it fit? Is it in good condition?Do you even like it? If your goal is to fit into the things that don’t fit, ask yourself if they’re even in style anymore. It’s okay to keep one goal outfit, but if your closet is filled with clothes that don’t fit, it’s a waste.

Put your “keep” pile on the bed while you put the donation items in one bag and the items with stains and holes in another.

Put things back, the right way

Hang coats, dresses, blouses, shirts, skirts, and slacks. For a truly organized look, use the same sort of wooden hanger for each item. Make sure they are all hung in the same direction.

Fold sweaters, t-shirts and jeans. Use the top of your closet or your dresser drawers.

Organize shoes

For a super-organized uniform look, take pictures of your shoes and use either your original or plastic shoe boxes. Put the pictures on the outside of the boxes so you know exactly what’s inside. It will keep your shoes from getting dusty.